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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News  CBS  November 12, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PST

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where the mayor's closest advisor would like to move the camp. . "occupy oakland" on notice again. the warning from police and where the mayor's closest advisor would like to move the camp. all eyes on penn state ahead of its game against nebraska. what students will do today to honor the victims from the child abuse scandal. and the republican race for the white house heads south. a new poll shows who voters trust with handling an international crisis, and we'll have a live report from south carolina. it is 7:00 on saturday morning, november 12. thanks for joining us. i'm anne mackovic. >> and i'm kristy siefken. >> we just got done with a little rain storm around here? >> yeah, people got quite wet yesterday. but things will change into
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today. lingering showers in the early morning hours, but today we're dealing with the cloud cover remaining from the storm. showers have moved to the south of us and temperatures outside right now, pretty tolerable, sitting in the 50s for the most part. that's a lot warmer than where we were earlier in the week. i'll tell you how long we can enjoy dry weather, a little later in the show. leave now or face arrest, the warning going out to occupy protesters at the plaza in oakland. police handed out noise to demonstrators yesterday, and cbs 5 obtained a letter from the president of the oakland firefighters union calling the campers as, quote, 99% crazy and homeless people. the mayor is urging people to leave their tent city. >> we are asking the campers to leave the plaza now and to leave peacefully. >> the city is planning to clear out the plaza next week. the majority of the city council
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supports that eviction. new advice on what to do about occupy campers comes from the mayor's most trusted advisor, her husband. his suggestion? move them into a foreclosed property. cbs 5's joe vasquez obtained an e-mail back and forth from the mayor's husband he's having with other progressive activists in oakland. he brainstorms about ways to move the encampment without having to call police. at one point, he suggests moving the camps to an indoor site, quote, preferably private, a foreclosed property might even be good for the new owners to rent out. and the movement can raise the monthly rent and he says everybody wins. the mayor's husband has taken a role in the occupy movement himself, among the people who marched to the port last week. we called dr. huen last night and he told us only, we are trying to keep the city safe. republicans running for president are getting ready to mix it up tonight at a debate in
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south carolina. unlike previous forums, this one will focus only on foreign policy. drew levenson joins us live now from spartanburg, the site of tonight's debate. good morning, drew. >> reporter: well, good morning to you. we are on the campus of wofford college, where the nfl carolina panthers have their training camp. the players try to impress coaches in order to make the team. here tonight, the candidates will try to impress the voters to become the nominee. final preparations are being made for tonight's debate. though eight republican presidential candidates will take the stage, a new cbs news "new york times" poll shows three men are well out in front. herman cain is still leading, but has dropped 7 points since accusations of sexual harassment surfaced. newt gingrich has moved up and is now in a second place tie with mitt romney. the former house speaker admits there's still a long way to go. >> it is a wide open race.
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i think the american people are looking, asking questions, thinking about it. >> reporter: tonight's debate will focus on national security and foreign policy. the candidates will be given a chance to explain what they would do as commander in chief. poll numbers show voters trust gingrich and romney the most with handling an international crisis. >> my responsibility is to go out and tell people why i think i should be the person to lead the country. >> reporter: but among the candidates, rick perry has the most at stake, after his disastrous performance in the last debate. >> he's got to be able to come out on that stage now and show that he can handle a debate and get through a debate in a very credible way. >> reporter: and all the presidential hopefuls will be looking to pick up support. seven out of ten republican primary voters say it's still too early to say for sure which candidate they will back. this will be the first southern primary. it is scheduled for january 21.
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>> drew, south carolina, a vital state for those candidates. >> reporter: oh, extremely, because since the inception of the primary system here in south carolina, in 1980 through 2008, the person who has won here in south carolina has gone on to be the gop nominee. >> going to be interesting. love those debates. drew levenson, live in spartanburg, south carolina, thanks for joining us. the gop debate starts tonight at 5:00 here on cbs 5 after the hour-long broadcast, another half hour of discussion streaming live on the website of the national journal, which is cosponsoring that debate. president obama is in hawaii to host an economic summitt with countries from the asia-pacific region. obama arrived in honolulu last night. he'll meet with leaders of eight asian nations to push a deal called the trans pacific partnership, designed to boost u.s. exports. separately, he'll meet one on one with the presidents of china and russia, and with the prime
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minister of japan. today, a memorial service will be held in san jose for a marine who died trying to disarm a bomb in afghanistan. staff sergeant stephan dunning of lapides died during his second tour of duty in afghanistan. he was 31 years old. we now know the name of the young skateboarders who were hit by a garbage truck. it happened yesterday in vallejo. 12-year-old joseph tafoya. >> john: iii and cleo young were riding together on a skateboard on chapman court. the two were headed downhill when they rolled out in front of a truck. tafoya died, and young is in serious condition this morning. the truck driver did try to swerve to avoid the kids. not clear if the driver will face any charges. the annual medical marijuana convention is happening this weekend down in san jose, but the club's future is still looking a bit hazy in california. a state appeals court ruling
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this week does allow cities and counties to ban pot dispensaries within their borders. marijuana advocates say that's a violation of the state's medical marijuana law. they plan to appeal that ruling. meanwhile, the convention, known as hemp con, runs through tomorrow. today, penn state students will wear blue at today's final home football game of the year, the color associated with child abuse awareness they held a vigil last night in support of the alleged victims of the child abuse sex scandal. the former defensive coordinator is accused of abusing eight boys some, on campus property. a coach who said he witnessed the abuse is now on paid administrative leave. >> it became clear that coach mcqueary could not function in this role under this, under these circumstances. >> now, for the first time in 46 years, penn state will play a football game without head coach joe paterno. he was fired this week, along with the school's president, for
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not doing enough to follow up with the allegations. a player for the -- wilson ramos met with the venezuela justice ministers yesterday, after police found him in a mountainous area, near the spot he was abducted on wednesday. ramos told local media that the kidnappers did hurt him psychologically, but not physically. here in the bay area, the giants say despite concerns about player safety in venezuela, they have not asked pablo sandoval to call off an upcoming trip to his native country. the days of stripping down just to get through airport security may be over. that is if you're an elite flyer. the new tsa pre-check screening is being tested right now. frequent flyers with delta or american airlines can breeze through security with their shoes on. u.s. citizens who pay a $100 toll to enroll in the trusted traveler program can also go
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through that speedy security line. boy, it would be nice to leave the shoes on. i don't know if i can pony up an extra $100. >> maybe we could pool together. >> share! just keep one shoe on! >> hop through on one leg! weather's not looking disastrous today. >> no, it's not. we'll see a little bit of a cloudy start, but a beautiful day in store later on. we'll see clearing and sunshine all over the bay area. you wouldn't know it from looking outside right now. i know this looks ominous, but sunshine all around the bay. the dry weather won't last. i'll tell you when we expect to see more wet weather, a little later on. and as america honors servicemen and women this weekend, we'll take a closer look at modern warfare in iraq and afghanistan. major rob geyer joins us next. plus, apple cozies up to educators for a big big payoff in the classroom. we'll be right back.
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. apple wines and dines school officials to sell its products. for the past two years, apple has invited educators from little falls, minnesota to their headquarters. educators were shown the latest gadgets and ended up spending $1.2 million on apple products. around here, the rain has dried up temporarily at least. kristy siefken has the details on what we can expect for the rest of the weekend. >> and thankfully, it's going to be dry for the most part. still a few lingering showers, early hours this morning. this afternoon it will be pretty nice, lots of sunshine in store, especially in the inland locations. first, we'll have to get through a little bit of cloud cover out there, although not contending with too much fog. there is moisture in the air. seeing low visibility in places like half moon bay. here's the golden gate bridge. not much of an issue. different picture inside the city. we are contending with low ceiling heights this morning, and a little gray. but we'll see plenty of blue by this afternoon once we get to
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the cloud cover. temperatures this morning, sitting in the 50s for the most part. not too chilly. this afternoon, we'll warm it up, into even high 60s in some locations. so pretty typical seasonal weather. maybe a few degrees below average for where we should be this time of year. but nothing to complain about, especially when we're looking at the wet weather, that closed low sitting off the coast moving through overnight. that's now moved to the southeast. we're seeing showers in southern california, also seeing snow at some of the higher elevations down there. we're going to be dry at least for the next several days and we'll see cloud cover until about noon today. 1:00, 2:00, conditions clear out. then of course in the overnight hours, into sunday, more high clouds move in. that's as a system passes us to the north. temperatures today, pretty pleasant, regardless of where you are in california. 64 in sacramento. fresno, 65. redding, a few degrees cooler. 40% chance of showers and snow in lake tahoe. yosemite, slight chance of seeing showers today as well. for the most part, dry in the
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central valley locations and at the coastline. highs for today in the bay area look like this. 68 for palo alto. heyward at 61. morgan hills, high of 65 there today. in the east bay, 50s and 60s as well. 65 for fairfield, 64 for brentwood. pretty similar conditions in the north bay. mill valley, 65. sonoma, same temperature today, 61. in the city, 60 today. we're dry for today, starting to see more high clouds move in for sunday. then monday and tuesday actually looking pretty nice. we'll see more sunshine then, mostly clear skies. then the changes happen. take a look, wednesday, into thursday, that's when we'll see another trough make its way into the bay area, bringing us showers as early as thursday, potentially even more rain for friday. then we'll have to keep our eyes on the weekend, maybe another wet weekend in store at the end of the week. so get outside and enjoy this nice dry and somewhat sunny weekend. as you can see, we may not be in
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the same situation by the end of next week. back to you, ann. >> thanks, kristy. unemployed veterans are getting help finding jobs from two silicon valley tech giants. google and linked in are powering new job resource sites just for veterans. google is using custom technology to help find veterans-committed job openings. linked-in has developed a micro site just for veterans. right now, nearly 30% of young vets are unemployed. >> we need to recognize, need to stand up and take care of who took care of them at a time when it needed to be done. there's not enough opportunity in the private sector out there for veterans to pick up where they left off. >> google and linked-in's job resources went live yesterday, appropriately on veterans day. the bay area and cities around the country continue to honor veterans this weekend. for a closer look at the challenges faced by men and women serving on the front lines, marine corps major rob
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dier joins us this morning. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. what is it that we don't understand, what is it like on the ground? i know you served in iraq and afghanistan. >> yes. i've done a couple trips to each place. it's the world's longest camping trip. you're out there, with friends, out there on the vehicles, doing what you can to get by and you have missions that you handle. when you don't have missions, it's the world's longest camping trip. >> i'm sure. thank you for your service, by the way. >> it's my pleasure. >> what are some of the high tech tools you have right now? some things allow you to stay a little farther away from the danger zone? >> yes in, credible technology since these wars have started. i do airstrike coordination, so there are times i've been on the roof talking to drone predator with the controller in las vegas talking to me, perfectly clear, radio communications, transmitting down a feed that i can see on a handheld device. i'm looking at exactly what the
7:17 am
aircraft's looking at. >> are there worries with all the cuts we're seeing and the budget issues across the country that some of those things might be pulled back or we might have a difficult time finding more technology in order to make the job easier? >> i don't know that we will. i think we're good with the technology we have. i think we'll always be pushing for better, newer technology, smaller, light weight, always be pushing that direction. i don't think there will be any cuts that direction. troop drawdown now, the big topic right now this year. we're expecting most of the troops to be out of iraq by the end of the year. you having been there on the ground, how's that going to work out? >> i think it's going to work out well. they are not just deciding on a whim they are pulling everybody out. obviously a lot of care and consideration went into this. they studied iraq since we've been there. so obviously they are making a calculated decision on that. and the thought pattern now is to have america and iraq on equal terms in iraq for the people that are going to remain there, to help out. is that possible? how do the iraqi troops see us?
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>> the ones i worked with, they saw us, they work well with us. we had no problems with them, no issues. you work hand in hand. they know it's their country they are protecting and learning to protect. so they are eager to take their country back and we're eager to give it back to them. in afghanistan, not a complete withdrawal yet going on there, but perhaps one in the near future. is that country ready for something like that? >> well, if we start making those moves, and obviously they are ready for it. but until that time, we'll continue to build up their forces. i work with a lot of afghan partner nation forces. they are coming along very strongly. they see a lot of value in protecting their own country as well. this weekend, obviously veterans day weekend, a time to recognize the difficulty that so many of you are facing on the battlefield. fatigue, heat. what is it like to be living in that camping environment, the difficulties that you're facing? >> it's -- we go out there with
7:19 am
the best training you've ever even heard of. so it's not like we're just shoved out the door. when we're out there, we're well trained for the missions that we're doing. they could be multiday missions. and we'll always find a way to make it happen. and you even came up with a side business because of your experience there. tell us about that. >> i did. we were all taking supplements, protein shakes, vitamins, always taking your multivitamin out there. well, we always had to dive into different backpacks to get everybody's supplements together for one day's worth of nutrition. we came up with our own product, put all of our favorite ingredients together in one place, and that's what we started with. >> so who knows best besides you guys doing it every day! >> that's right. >> thank you for joining us this morning. and again, thank you for your service. >> thank you very much. there is a basketball season under way, despite the nba lockout. cal and stanford teams kickoff their season. and the flight deck of a u.s. carrier transformed into another college ball game.
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highlights from the first-ever carrier classic, coming up next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"oops." the one word the one word you d . winter squashes are in the market right now. let me tell you about winter squash. they can be intimidating. they are hard, got funny colors, look like they never get ripe. they don't get ripe. they just get soft when you cook them, but the flavors are
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incredible with the winter squashes. great in many different soups, and many different recipes. when you buy them, what you want to do, very simple. white acorn squash, make sure the skin around it is very tight all the way around, and there is no cracking at all. and if it's soft, that means it's been stored for too long. this is a hard squash, has to be hard. when you bring them home, do not put them in the refrigerator. store them in a cool, dry place. shelf life is not as long as you think. they look like they could last about a year. maybe at the very most, 10 days, maybe two weeks, which is a long time for produce. any more than that, they soften up and lose their flavor. winter squashes are in the market, with a beautiful name, beautiful colors. even though it's fall, still great. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. beautiful! >> thanks, tony. oops! the one word you don't want to say if you're in the middle of a presidential debate. it is the blooper clip that has
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kept presidential hopeful rick perry in the headlines all week. former san francisco mayor willie brown says don't count him out of the race yet, though! >> my fellow texan is sitting on top of $15 million. >> governor perry? >> governor rick perry. you know, the smalltown farm boy, who probably didn't go to one of those fancy schools, all the things that make him so loveable, but he's not quite ready for prime time. >> also tomorrow on weekend early edition, what is newt gingrich doing right when it comes to new voter polls? that is on weekend early edition tomorrow, starting at 7:30 a.m. we're talking about that here, coming up in the next half hour with our political expert, joe truman. the nba lockout continues, but there's still plenty of hoop action to talk about, and tiger woods down under. kim coyle has more in sports. good morning, everyone. the nba lockout continues, but
7:25 am
there is still a basketball season. cal beat uc irvine 77-56 to win their season opener. cardinals kicking off their season in austin. freshman amber orange is going to be an exciting player to watch. she had 14 off the bench. stanford beats texas 72-59. 7000 fans aboard the uss carl vincent in san diego, including president obama. third round of the australian open, tiger woods began the day with a one-stroke lead. he ends it 6 strokes back after shooting a 75. john senden is the new leader. the phillies have agreed to
7:26 am
a four-year, $50 million deal with jonathan papelbon, the largest contract ever for a reliever. papelbon became the red sox all-time save leader. that's a look at sports. we'll see you tonight at 6:00. and coming up in our next half hour, tonight's big matchup among gop presidential candidates. as mentioned, our political analyst will join us live. and a kidnapped major league ball player, reunited with family. where authorities found him and what a bay area teen says about another player's plans to travel abroad. plus, game day for penn state. steps joe paterno is taking following the child abuse scandal. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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looming for occupy oakland. the warning from police. and the plea from the mayor. . another showdown looming for occupy oakland. another plea from police and the mayor. for the first time in 46 years, penn state will play a football game without head coach joe paterno. what students are doing today for the victims of the child abuse scandal. and another debate for gop presidential hopeful. what candidates will be quizzed on tonight in south carolina. welcome back to weekend early edition. it is a few seconds before 7:30, november 12. good morning.
7:30 am
i'm anne mackovic. >> i'm kristy siefken. should be very nice this afternoon, once we get through the cloud cover. i know people have asked, will it be rainy? it rained last weekend. we're looking at more rain later on. the forecast today, we'll get to enjoy sunshine once we break through the low cloud ceiling a little later on this morning. i'll give you a full look at the extended forecast, a little later on in the show. tonight, republicans running for president will have a chance to explain what they would do as commander in chief. a debate in spartanburg, south carolina will focus on foreign policy and national security. eight candidates taking the stage, in a poll by cbs news and the "new york times" shows that herman cain is still leading the pack. newt gingrich is now in a second place tie with mitt romney. >> it is a wide open race. i think the american people are looking, asking questions, thinking about it. >> poll numbers show republicans trust gingrich and romney the
7:31 am
most to handle an international crisis. seven out of 10 primary voters say they have not made up their mind over which candidate to support. the gop debate airs tonight at 5:00 on cbs 5. and after the hour-long broadcast, another half-hour of discussion streaming live on the website of the national journal, which is cosponsoring the big debate. leave now or face arrest. that is a warning going out to occupy protesters at the plaza in oakland. police officers handed out notices to demonstrators yesterday. and cbs 5 obtained a letter from the letter of the oakland firefighters union, calling the campers, quote, 99% homeless and crazy people. he also said that mayor jean quan needs to-- >> we are asking the campers to leave the plaza now and to leave peacefully. >> the city is planning to clear out the plaza next week.
7:32 am
no specific time, though. the majority of the city council does support that eviction. all eyes on penn state today, as their football team takes the field without joe paterno, the former head coach. he now has a high power lawyer to represent him in the child sex scandal engulfing the university. manuel gallegos shows us the students who held a candlelight vigil for the alleged victims. >> reporter: penn state students gathered friday night to show sympathy and support for the eight boys allegedly victimized by former football coach jerry sandusky. >> to support the school, to support the kids that were victims of it, and to support what's right. >> reporter: students are hoping to improve their university's image marred by the sex scandal that's even saddened president obama. >> the whole situation's heart breaking. >> reporter: students are also embarrassed by the riot that erupted wednesday night over the firing of their beloved coach joe paterno. in a statement, scott paterno says his father is distraught
7:33 am
over what happened and wants the truth to be uncovered. but is being advised to keep silent during the investigation. now, assistant coach mike mcqueary, who says he witnessed sandusky abusing a boy in a university shower, is on paid administrative leave. >> it became clear that coach mcqueary could not function in this role, under this -- under these circumstances. >> reporter: he will not participate in saturday's game, telling players by phone, he's in a secluded location since receiving numerous threats. security will be tight and penn state's board of trustees are urging sportsmanship and civility. manuel gallegos, cbs news, state college, pennsylvania. and students stay instead of the usual white attire for home games, they will be wearing all blue. that is the color associated with child abuse awareness. the white house playing hard ball in the solyndra investigation. a house panel investigating the
7:34 am
solyndra collapse, obama administration, four internal e-mails. the white house released a portion of the e-mails requested. obama administration officials now claim the subpoena is overreaching. fremont-based solyndra filed for bankruptcy after receiving more than $500 million in government loans. today, a memorial service will be held in san jose for a marine who died while trying to disarm a bomb in afghanistan. staff sergeant stephan dunning of mill pedes died on october 27. he was on his second tour of duty in afghanistan. he was 31 years old. we now know the names of the young skateboarders hit by a garbage truck yesterday. it happened in vallejo. according to the times herald, 12-year-old joseph tafoya, iii and 8-year-old cleo young were riding together on one skateboard on chapman court. the two were headed downhill when they rolled out in front of that truck. tafoya died. young is in serious condition
7:35 am
this morning. the truck driver did swerve to try to avoid the kids. it's not clear yet if the driver will face any charges. a catcher for the washington nationals is now free, after being kidnapped in venezuela. wilson ramos met with the venezuelan interior and justice minister late yesterday, this after police found him in a mountainous area near the spot where he was abducted on wednesday. ramos told local media that the kidnappers did hurt him psychologically, but not physically. here in the bay area, the giants say that despite concerns about player safety in venezuela, they have not asked pablo sandoval to call off an upcoming trip to his native country. around here, looks like we are coming up on a pretty nice weekend, despite the rain we saw last night. >> yeah, exactly. not going to be too warm, but not wet. you know, it's a trade-off out there. dealing with some cloud cover this morning, but there is sunshine in store. i'll tell you exactly when you can expect to see that sun break through, when we come back. also, mitt romney and herman
7:36 am
cain, now sharing the lead with a surprising contender. cbs 5 political analyst joins us next. still to come, pizza, nam, and more in liam's list, the foodie edition. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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college project has become a model for family shelters. as . what started as a south bay college project has become a model for family shelters. sses to weathercaste >> what started out as a south bay college project has become a model for family shelters. as kate kelly reports this week's jefferson award winner is bringing students and struggling families together to benefit everyone. >> reporter: san jose's family supportive housing shelter is tucked away in an industrial area on the east side of the city. like many of the homeless in santa clara county, it's hard to spot. so when san jose state students asked their professor winifred schultz-krohn to help with the service project here, she was surprised to learn what the shelter offered that others did not. >> they may have mothers and children, but there's a dad, the
7:40 am
dad is not allowed. if they have a 13-year-old son, the 13-year-old son is not allowed. this shelter says if you consider yourself a family, you're welcomed. >> reporter: that was 11 years ago. today, win has created a unique partnership with family supportive housing coordinating her students from the department of occupational therapy with families in need of support. >> they don't have access to those kind of services any other place. so their life experiences have never connected them to this sort of service. >> reporter: shelter executive director trish crowder says win, who is a certified occupational therapist, has established a variety of classes here that support all aspects of family life. she with the help of her students runs an annual summer camp here. they are now year-round job skill classes, teen workshops, parenting classes, even something to take the stress out of lives of the smallest of residents. >> slowly come down... and just hold the hands for a
7:41 am
little bit. >> reporter: before work, win teaches a baby massage class helping parents communicate through touch. her program not only gives students valuable experience in their field, but more importantly helps families prepare for life after their three-month stay at the shelter. >> gives you those moments during the day where you can just calm down and relax and, you know, just enjoy your baby. >> reporter: for win, it all comes down to supporting family. >> we will work with you as much as we can and as hard as we can to help you preserve your family. that's probably why i have kept coming back, because the mission of this shelter is really to say, families are important. >> reporter: so for supporting the families of the most vulnerable in our community, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to winifred schultz-krohn. kate kelly, cbs 5.. a cloudy start to the weekend in the bay area. kristy siefken with more details on what we can expect for the
7:42 am
rest of our saturday and beyond. >> it's going to be a nice one. put the umbrella away, at least for now. keep it handy, because a little later on in the week, you will need it. get outside and enjoy the sunshine this weekend, because next weekend may be the wet one to keep our eyes on. this morning, as ann mentioned, a little cloud cover out there, as lieu outside in san francisco. we can make out the tops of coit tower, which sometimes we can't this time of day. you can see a little gray out there still. we are dealing with low level clouds, as well as some fog, seeing low visibility at the coastline this morning. so as you're driving out there, be careful. we will see pretty pleasant conditions making our way into the afternoon, seeing a little bit of clearing into those afternoon hours, and we will stay dry for the next several days. actually seeing nice warm readings for the first few days of your work week. that cloud cover outside right now, keeping us pretty mild. sitting in the 50s for the most part, and temperatures by this afternoon, creeping up about 15 degrees in some locations. now, a close low, the system we saw sitting off the coast, is what brought the wet weather to
7:43 am
us yesterday. that's now moved down to the southeast. we're actually seeing rain in l.a. right now, even snow there. not the case here, just dealing with cloud cover that for the most part, clearing out by 1:00, 2:00 this afternoon, and then more of those high clouds return. [ no audio ] . >> get outside and enjoy your weekend events today. head over to the good guys car
7:44 am
show, muscle cars, classic cars. and if you're a batman fan, they apparently have two versions of the batmobile. so go and enjoy the sunshine while we still have it, and enjoy your weekend! back to you. >> thanks, kristy. as tonight's debate on foreign policy approaches, there are some key questions in the republican nomination battle. can herman cain hold on to his lead? the opinion polls? why is newt gingrich suddenly surging? here to discuss those is our political analyst. joe, thanks for being here this morning. >> thank you, ann. another big debate tonight. what are we expecting? this one will focus mainly on foreign policy and national defense. >> yes, and those historically have been republican strong hold issues in presidential campaigns. in 2012, that's likely to be what president obama advances as the case for his reelection, since the economy is not likely to recover in time for him to claim that. it will be interesting to see what republicans say in the way of criticism since they can't criticize him for having gotten osama bin laden or pulling the
7:45 am
troops out of iraq and afghanistan, which they called for before. will they be consistent on that, or go in a different direction? sticking with our latest cbs news opinion poll, it does show a definite surge for newt gingrich, who has made his way up to second place, tied with mitt romney. now, did that surprise you at all? >> well, if you look at the numbers on the screen right now, not terribly. herman cain is hanging on to his position, but down some points from before. >> yeah, sehanging on to the position, despite the whole section scandal? >> but he's down several points. if you look at mr. gingrich, he's come up i guess in some ways, herman cain's expense. same thing with rick perry, floating around in the polls. the one thing that's interesting in those four people is the consistency of mitt romney, hanging around in first or second in most of these polls. and his challenge going forward is to remind voters that he really shouldn't be compared to the other republican nominee. he should be compared to the guy he might run against next november, who is barack obama. on paper, not reality, on paper
7:46 am
right now, he has the best chance of beating the president. but still cannot overtake herman cain right now. what will it take? >> it's going to take something that maybe doesn't exist. one of the challenges for the republican party right now is the road to the white house goes through the south. and many of those seven states where there are christian conservative voters looking at mormon, something not christian. they see it as a sect almost. it's amazing when we're supposed to practice free religion and freedom of speech, that anyone would suggest that your religion disqualifies you. somehow in politics people get away with that. those people in those states say we don't want you because you're mormon, threw him out. by the way, remember in 2008. if he's going to be able to get past this, he'll have to advance basically through those states. right now, herman cain is still attractive to those people, because in spite of the allegations of sexual harassment, lot of his policy positions on abortion and other things like that, are appealing. despite the 9-9-9 that has
7:47 am
been criticized as being too simple to solve the problem, how are people -- people seem to be somewhat accepting of that. >> we just had a week to digest some of this. if more people come forward and he continues to basically deny it by pretending it didn't happen or saying i have no memory of this, there will come a point at which someone will be able to present some evidence. i think bill clinton showed us that if one or two people attack you, sometimes if you apologize and confess, that you can survive something. but denying it and saying it didn't happen, when so many people start to come forward, sets you up in a situation you may get caught. his own opponents will be vetting that background very carefully. if there is more evidence that's already been demonstrated, then i think his campaign will go south very quickly. and i want to talk briefly, again, about newt gingrich, because he was counted out in a lot of polls just a few weeks ago. seems as of that last debate he
7:48 am
did have a strong showing. when i watched, i was pretty impressed. >> he was a college professor before he was anything. he's very, very intelligent. also, by the way, he's a person who's had the same kind of allegations and improceed priept in his background, but he's smart. the problem for gingrich, he may rise above where he is right now in the polls. the debates at this point do nothing but reinforce voter preferences. if you like him going in, you may like him coming out. the gingrich improvement is coming at rick perry's expense. rick perry imploded this week. these debates are mostly beauty pageants. we've only focused on rick perry in the past because he was a frontrunner. the moment you stop being a frontrunner, you're not mentioned in the conversation and we won't cover him at 11:00 tonight. but at this point, gingrich's ascension has come in some ways at herman cain's expense, but also the fact that rick perry is imploding by saying silly things
7:49 am
during debates. >> 5:00 on cbs 5. joe tuman, thanks for being here. liam mayclem, and the latest twilight movie, coming up next.
7:50 am
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eviction notices have been
7:56 am
ha ors . here's a look at this morning's top stories. eviction notices have been handed out to occupy protesters camping at the plaza in oakland. the city is planning to clear out that plaza next week. students at penn state university have held a candlelight vigil for alleged victims of child sexual abuse. an assistant coach who says he was a witness is now on paid administrative leave after he received threats. they are having a big game today. tonight, eight candidates vying for the republican presidential nomination will take part in a debate on foreign policy and national security. you can see it here on cbs 5 at 5:00 p.m. oops! that is the one word you don't want to say if you're in the middle of a presidential debate. that is the blooper clip that has kept presidential candidate rick perry in the headlines. don't count him out just yet, though. >> my fellow texan is sitting on top of $15 million.
7:57 am
>> governor perry? >> governor rick perry, the smalltown farm boy, who probably didn't go to one of those fancy schools, all the things that make him so loveable, but he's not quite ready for prime time. also tomorrow on weekend early edition, what is newt gingrich doing right when it comes to these new voter polls? that is on weekend early edition tomorrow, starting at 7:30. it's going to be a good time. join us. time for a last look at weather this morning. pretty nice weekend, going to be dry at least. >> we can't complain. it is going to be dry, although temperatures, not getting too warm today. a few degrees below where we should be for this time of year. although we'll see readings in the mid-60s by this afternoon, even high 60s in the inland spots, once we get through the clouds. tomorrow wille be nice as well, mostly sunny skies. mostly sunshine around the bay area this week.
7:58 am
then grab the umbrella wednesday into thursday, as another system makes its way in, bringing us showers thursday, friday, maybe into next weekend. get outside and enjoy the sunshine this weekend, because it's not going to last by the end of next work week. a new dad in san jose says he's ready to play the lottery after his daughter was born at 11:11 a.m. on 11-11-11, of course, yes, a lot of 11's. adorable! ! >> his wife's water broke sometime before midnight and unfortunately for her, the epidural did not work, so it was a long 11 hours of labor. everyone was checking the time, except for tanya, because she had better things to do. she was busy.little aurora elizabeth reyes weighed in at 7.11 pounds. thanks for joining us for weekend early edition. again, we'll be back tomorrow at
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